Mochila Begins

Rebranding my company for the umpteenth time was a hard decision. A brand isn’t made overnight, and brand recognition is not easily transferred. Not everyone is going to catch up when you change your name time and time again.

When I had a friend ask me, “What’s [your company] called these days?” I realized something… I was fucking up. I was fucking up big time.

The Nike swoosh wasn’t made in a night (Or maybe it was, I don’t know Carolyn Davidson’s life… more on this later). But the meaning, the essence, the undeniable power of the swoosh was hard earned through millions of dollars worth of advertising, incredible campaigns and even more incredible athletes emblazoning the symbol on their bodies. It took hard work and persistence for the brand to define athleticism.



Part of my reasoning for the constant rebrands (from T-TownTeez to VSweatshop to vesparza design co.) was the constant change in core competency. You see, when I started T-TownTeez, that’s all I was doing; tees. When I rebranded to VSweatshop, we decided to add sewing to the services we offered. Then in a blink of an eye, everything changed. I was on the road, living a digital nomad life and working under the guise of vesparza design co. as I grew my clientele and developed my skills.



I always knew vesparza design co. was never the end game— I always knew I wanted a name that could symbolize a people. A people brought together by talent, ambition, and drive. A people in love with the idea of freedom, the wild west of the internet and the things you can do with just a computer and a desire for more. In Spanish, Mochila means backpack. But in a different context, it means hitting the road. “Se fue de Mochila” Martha said. Martha— the owner of the famous Tacos Don Francisco in Tulsa, OK. She was asking why I hadn’t been in and I told her I was selling all of my printing equipment to hop in my car and hit the road in search of my future. She told me her son had done the same sans car (hitchhiked – braver man than I) and that I should absolutely do it. With a full belly and the word “Mochila” in my mind, I left. Added a little blog on my website and called it just that; Mochila. It fit – it was fun and represented the spirit of that life.


And I took off! Toured around all of Texas to appease my thirst of the state (it didn’t), and spent some time in New Mexico, as well as Colorado while still trying to figure out my life, my business, and my future. Designed some websites, rode some bikes, read some books. Good times were had. But I wasn’t focused. I knew I had to recalibrate. I headed back home for a bit.

It wasn’t until I came back to Tulsa, sitting in my friend’s studio, working on god knows what, that I realized that I had it all along—Mochila was the name I had been looking for.

From here I set out to create the aesthetics. Images of traffic signs and road lines danced across my mind. Black and yellow. Nothing better to represent a life on the road.

Other elements began to evolve. Cowboy names to suit the rugged brand. Me? I’m Jack Wrangler. Derived from my love of Jacks (my dog, step-cat and casual boyfriend at the time) and Wrangler because of my pearl snap. What’s more cowboy than Wrangler?

And while I’ve come a long way since the beginning of this journey, Mochila has just begun.

The road to recognition is long and arduous.

And I’m on that road again.

– Jack

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